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Would you like to get more involved with STEP? We would love to have you! There are lots of opportunities, from serving on your local branch committee to getting involved in our central Board Committees. You can see the latest vacancies below.

If you can’t see anything local to you, it is still worth getting in touch with your branch and letting them know you would be interested in getting involved. You can search for your branch here.

Committee elections
Apply to join the Digital Assets SIG Steering Committee by 30 June 2024. Global applications are welcomed.

Current branch committee vacancies

STEP Suffolk and North Essex

To apply for one of the below roles, please email [email protected] by Monday 27 May 2024. Please include in your email; your membership status/type, your current role and the company you work for, and a summary of any prior committee experience or similar experience that can be transferred to the committee role you are applying for.

  • Branch Chair - The Chair is responsible for the overall activities of the branch. At the branch AGM they shall present a report on the year’s activities specifying the number of events that have been held, which should be sent to the STEP head office within 14 days of the AGM.
  • Branch Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for the formal aspects of branch administration, including calling meetings, taking or arranging for minutes of meetings, and handling statutory matters as required (such as government filings). Minutes of branch meetings should be sent on request to the STEP head office so they can be reviewed for items of significance to the worldwide organisation.
  • Branch Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for the branch’s activities, banking matters, which will include bank deposits, approving expenses, and writing cheques, and other financial matters (such as cash flow projections and budgets).
  • Programmes Secretary - The Programmes Secretary is normally responsible for all aspects of a branch’s events programme, including the design of a programme itself, arranging speakers, venue, hand-out materials, etc., and other related logistics. While tasks can and should be delegated and shared, experience has shown that one person must ultimately be responsible. Where a branch doesn't have a dedicated SIG Officer, the Programmes Secretary should take responsibility for ensuring that the events programme includes specialist content in line with STEP's Special Interest Group topic areas. Event programmes should also seek to address STEP’s areas of focus for its thought leadership profile-raising work.
  • Communications Officer - The Communications officer is responsible for the branded branch communications, including running the branch LinkedIn profile and newsletters and overseeing the branch e-mail account.
  • Committee Member - The Committee is always keen to welcome Full, Associate and Affiliate Branch members to join the Committee in a non-exec role and to contribute to the successful operation of the Branch and so please also get in touch if you are interested in getting involved in this way.

Board committee and other vacancies

Apply to join STEP Digital Assets Global SIG Steering Committees - By 30 June 2024

A casual vacancy has arisen on the Digital Assets Global Special Interest Group (SIG) Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is now accepting applications to fill this position and bring the committee to its full complement of twelve members. Global applications are welcomed.
Find out more, view the schedule and apply

Committee Members, Professional Development Committee - By 30 September 2024

Are you interested in having the ability to influence and collectively shape STEP’s professional development strategy? We are looking for TEPs with at least 12 months’ standing with the following qualities, skills, knowledge and experience from the UK, Europe and LATAM jurisdictions to join the STEP Professional Development Committee from January 2025:

  • Interest in the content, operation and development of STEP’s programme of qualifications and learning;
  • Ability to be objective about what is best for STEP as a whole, rather than for any particular interest group;
  • Ability to collaborate and also challenge effectively;
  • Commitment to the vision, mission, values of STEP

The Committee is responsible for overseeing STEP’s professional development programmes on behalf of the Board and to promote high-quality professional development for existing and potential members in line with STEP’s strategy. The Committee meets virtually five times a year, working closely with the Professions Directorate and collaborating with other STEP committees to ensure that the STEP Professional Development Strategy is consistent with and delivers objectives as set by the Board.

If you are enthusiastic and interested in the content, operation and development of STEP’s programme of qualifications and learning and are able to contribute positively to effective decision making, please email [email protected] with your CV and a statement of suitability that sets out how you meet the requirements of the role profile and person specification and what you would bring personally and professionally to the Committee. Applications are welcome from all eligible members, regardless of background or identity.

Applications will be reviewed by the Committee Chair and Deputy Chair and you will receive an update on your application at that stage. Any questions can be directed to Sue Heatlie-Elliott, Qualifications and Accredited Partnerships Manager at [email protected]. The Committee Terms of Reference and member role profile can be found here. Applications close 30 September 2024.

Member Role Profile and Person Specification (PDF) | Professional Development Committee - Terms of reference (PDF)

Diploma Working Group

Vacancies are available on STEP’s Diploma Working Group. The Working Group is responsible for raising the profile of the STEP Diploma and considering how the flexibility of the Diploma framework can be used to attract a variety of relevant professions into STEP, stimulating membership growth via the Exam Route. The group is also responsible for identifying future directions for qualification development across all modes of delivery and reviewing any new product development proposals in line with the Diploma Framework ahead of consideration by the Professional Development Committee (PDC). STEP are looking for TEPs from England and Wales , the Caribbean region and other jurisdictions. Those interested can email [email protected] with their CV and a covering letter outlining their suitability to join the Group.

EDI Committee: seeking new volunteers - By the 21 June 2024

We are looking for TEPs from the Canada and Australasia jurisdictions who have expertise and/or a keen interest in the equity, diversity and inclusion space.

The Committee is responsible for sponsoring a culture among volunteers and other members that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights and enhance the way we work. The Committee will also ensure that there is an integrated, proactive approach to EDI that meets the needs of STEP, is informed by sector best practice and supports the achievement of STEP’s aims and objectives.

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • communicate STEP’s commitment to EDI to all stakeholders;
  • plan, monitor and review annually specific EDI objectives;
  • recommend to the worldwide Board positive action that can be taken to build a culture that champions EDI;
  • identify external trends and recognise best practices in the profession and similar organisations to improve EDI for members, students, volunteers, and staff; and
  • champion diverse representation on the Board, Council and all committees, working parties and steering groups.

We are seeking applications from TEPs with a keen interest in EDI who are able to contribute to effective decision making and act in the best interests of the profession as a whole. We welcome applications from members of all dimensions of difference to add to the Committee diversity. No previous committee experience is necessary. Please see the full profile here.

If you would like to be involved, please submit your CV to Assad Abdullatiff, EDI Committee Chair, (via [email protected] ) by no later than Friday 21 June, with a statement of suitability that sets out how you meet the requirements of the Role Profile/Person Specification and outlining what you would personally and professionally bring to the Committee. Applications will be reviewed by the Committee Chair, and you will receive an update on your application at that stage.

The Committee Terms of Reference can be found here. If you have any questions about the EDI Committee or what will be involved, these can be directed to Assad Abdullatiff via [email protected]

Accreditation Panel vacancies

Vacancies are available on STEP’s Accreditation Panel, which assesses accreditation applications and makes recommendations to the Professional Development Committee on courses that would benefit from recognition as an accredited programme. STEP are looking for TEPs who understand STEP’s educational criteria and are sufficiently experienced in their field to be able to suggest subjects that may complement STEP’s current offering. Those interested can email [email protected] with a copy of their CV.

Essay Route Panel members

We are looking for additional members to join the STEP Essay Route Panel. The Essay Route Panel is responsible for overseeing processes around the annual setting of topics, essay assessment and maintaining the standards of the STEP Essay Route. The Panel meets four times a year and works closely with Professional Development Team to ensure that members joining STEP through the Essay Route meet the ‘gold standard’ expected of a TEP. We are looking for new panel members from a range of jurisdictions. Experience in setting and assessing exams or essays would also be desirable. If you are interested, please email [email protected] for more information.

Subject Matter Expert vacancies

Be Part of the Future of Professional Education! Join a team that sets the standard for professional education globally. Your expertise will shape the next generation of professionals in the specified areas. Apply now to be a part of our commitment to excellence at CLT International and STEP.

CLTI are looking for Markers, Examiners and External Examiners across a wide range of our courses.

A Marker is responsible for the first marking of candidate work (assignments or examination scripts) using the generic marking criteria found within the CLTI marker handbook and the assessment-specific mark guide provided by CLTI, drafted by the Examiner.
Main duties:

  • Apply the content of the mark guide correctly and consistently.
  • Participate in quality assurance processes as required.
  • Mark all allocated scripts in line with CLTI guidance and deadlines.
  • Produce fail reports with feedback, where required.
  • Timely and accurate completion of documentation.

Examiners have the responsibility for ensuring that assessments are presented clearly and unambiguously, accurately address the learning outcomes and are set at the correct level of difficulty for the qualification.
Main duties:

  • Liaison with the External Examiner.
  • Drafting the examination paper and mark guide in line with CLTI guidance
  • Signing off the final examination paper and mark guide, confirming that it meets all CLTI requirements.
  • Sampling marking of scripts.
  • Providing support/mentoring for new markers
  • Producing an Examiner’s Report for each examination sitting.
  • Assisting CLTI with queries, appeals and complaints.

External Examiners:
The External Examiner ensures the rigorous, fair and consistent assessment of candidates by making sure that examination procedures have been fairly and properly implemented. The External Examiner ensures standards of candidate performance are compatible with those required by the awarding body and in line with the learning outcomes of the programme.
Main duties:

  • Reviewing the examination paper and mark guide drafted by the Examiner in line with CLTI guidance.
  • Reviewing a sample of marked scripts.
  • Producing a written External Examiner’s Report
  • Assessment Board attendance (remote) and providing a (verbal) report and recommendations.

How to Apply: Please visit our website to review the courses we offer. If you possess relevant professional qualification(s), with practical experience and dedication to contribute to the excellence of CLT International and STEP. Please submit your comprehensive CV and a cover letter specifying the position you are applying for to [email protected]

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