Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

STEP’s CPD Policy and Resources support members to develop their professional competence

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) equips professionals to deal with a rapidly-changing business environment. It encompasses technical competence, but should also include skills that help you to perform as a rounded professional. Therefore you should also consider personal, management and business skills as key development areas. Refreshing an awareness of ethical practice, in line with the STEP Code of Professional Conduct, is also essential CPD.

STEP members are required by STEP regulations to undertake, and to maintain a record of, their CPD and you can find details of the CPD Policy here. This can be achieved through an employer’s own Learning and Development system, another professional body’s form or through using either a STEP CPD Record form or the STEP CPD Planner.

STEP conducts ongoing reviews of members’ CPD records and may request to see those at any time during the year. Please see Recording your CPD for more information.

STEP members have access to a number of resources to enable them to meet their CPD requirements. Access to CPD Resources depends on your membership category but you can also access multiple knowledge channels designed to keep you up to date.

For those who prefer formal learning, the STEP Events Calendar provides details of worldwide events and the STEP Qualifications Catalogue includes the full range of STEP certificates which can be used as CPD.

CPD Policy

CPD is a requirement of maintaining STEP membership for all membership types that are currently working.

CPD Planning and Recording

Members have access to CiZone™ career portal for CPD Planning and CPD Recording tools.


Members' and employers' most frequently asked questions on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Knowledge Hub

Beyond formal qualifications, STEP provides an array of knowledge exchange channels including events, industry news, the STEP Journal, the Trust Quarterly Review, Jurisdictional Reports, books, and more.

CPD Resources

STEP makes a range of high quality free resources available to support members in their professional and career development.