Get Involved

Volunteer for STEP

Volunteer support is crucial to STEP, but it can also offer real benefits to those who get involved.

STEP's governing bodies and committees, and its worldwide network of regions, branches and chapters are all run by members: volunteers who offer their time and expertise to provide essential direction, leadership, guidance, development and support for the Society.

You can get involved at a local, national or an international level. From joining your local branch committee to taking part in working groups and committees – there are opportunities for everyone. You can make a start by contacting your local branch chair or contact STEP. Just let us know what you have to offer, and we can go from there.

Other ways to participate include:

Why get involved?

So what’s in it for you? There are real benefits to getting involved with STEP:

Improve your skill-set

  • Develop a range of skills you would not necessarily learn in your day job
  • Broaden your knowledge base in technical areas that may not otherwise be your primary focus

Boost your career

  • Build valuable relationships with other professionals
  • Raise your professional profile
  • Showcase your expertise and share knowledge with other professionals

Have a say in STEP’s strategic direction

  • Take an active role in STEP’s development

Influence policy

  • Recommend and input on public policy
  • Get involved with current debates on industry issues
  • Discuss public and confidential matters with leading experts in the field

And don't forget that participating on STEP committees is an activity that counts towards your CPD requirements.

What our members say

This is what some of our members say about their involvement with STEP's committees:

Felicity Keller TEP, Professional Development Committee: “Being a part of the Committee is really being at the beating core of what STEP is about, and it is so important that we keep standards high and the pace in line with what is required in today’s world. The Committee is a part of promoting the greater good and we have an important mandate to fulfil at STEP.”

Matthew Gilligan TEP, Student Liaison Officer & Deputy Chair, STEP Guernsey: “[The best thing about being a committee member is] I have always been a people-person so I love being able to interact with the students and help them out with any questions they may have. The role was also fantastic preparation to becoming a full STEP committee member and, more recently, the Deputy Chair of the Guernsey branch.”

Kelly Greig TEP, Global Chair and EDI Committee Member: “The best thing about being part of STEP’s committees and really the people that I have met and the friends that I have made. However, it has also been great being involved in consultation responses and speaking to government agencies about law and policy. This has aided my practice greatly because I can say what the thinking of HMRC, or the Office of the Public Guardian or The Law Commission is, because I have actually spoken to their representatives. I have also loved being involved in projects to assist our members in providing guidance and toolkits that they can use in their everyday practice.”