Member Declaration

STEP prides itself on the high standards and competence of its members. Our reputation, and the reputation of our members, depends on these standards being maintained by all.

Members are represented by STEP throughout the world and in addition, by local STEP regions where branches provide further support, benefits and services.

In joining STEP, and in renewing your membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are aware of STEP’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, its Standing Orders, the STEP Code of Professional Conduct and all other rules, regulations and guidance (and any amendments) that may be issued by the Society from time to time. You agreeto abide by these, which together are referred to as the ‘STEP Rules’.
  2. You confirm and acknowledge that if you breach any of the STEP Rules, disciplinary action may be taken against you, which may result in a sanction being imposed that may affect your STEP membership, and that any sanctions and information relating to an investigation can be published in accordance with our Publications Policy.
  3. You confirm that no prior or current criminal and regulatory proceedings have been brought against you by any authority, and that you will notify STEP should you become the subject of any criminal, regulatory or disciplinary investigation or other matters not already brought to the attention of Professional Standards.
  4. You are aware that as STEP membership is a contract under English and Welsh law, you are required to declare any criminal convictions under the provisions of the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  5. You understand that the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 does not apply to the accountancy or legal profession, and therefore you may be required to disclose spent convictions: that is any conviction irrespective of its age and/or type.
  6. You understand that you cannot resign or lapse your STEP membership while an investigation is ongoing under the STEP Disciplinary Rules, and that regardless of any such resignation and/or lapse, STEP is entitled to investigate any complaints and make a determination.
  7. You understand that it is a requirement of STEP membership to ensure appropriate professional indemnity insurance (PII) is in place; therefore you confirm that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, you hold appropriate PII for the work that you undertake or that as an employee, you are appropriately indemnified by your employer for the work you perform. Furthermore, you understand that if you make a declaration concerning PII which is subsequently found to be false, you will be subject to proceedings under the STEP Disciplinary Rules.
  8. You understand that you have an obligation to notify STEP within 30 days should a bankruptcy order be made against you or you enter into a voluntary arrangement with creditors. Full details can be found in our Insolvency Policy.
  9. You agree to meet STEP’s CPD requirements and record your CPD activities. Full details can be found here.
  10. When you submit your application for membership, you consent to STEP carrying out a background check as deemed necessary. The laws of England and Wales govern this Agreement and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Your application will be considered by the STEP Membership Committee (and its representatives) to determine your suitability for membership. You agree to provide STEP with further information about the nature of any results if requested to do so. STEP undertakes background checks using the Thomson Reuters World-Check One service to assist with determining suitability for membership. Further information can be found here. We may also contact other organisations to which applicants belong or have belonged and/or other authorities to obtain further information.
  11. You agree to keep your contact details up to date to enable STEP to contact you about issues pertaining to your membership. You can update your details and control the communications you receive from STEP by logging in to your online profile and making any amendments that may be required.
  12. You confirm that if a retired member using the ‘retired TEP’ designation, you remain retired and are no longer in receipt of any remunerated advice or work connected with trusts and estates. As a retired member you are not required to undertake CPD.