Working Internationally

STEP members are extremely well-placed to pursue an international career, with access to an international network of 20,000 practitioners in more than 80 countries.

TEP – recognised globally

STEP membership is widely considered a mark of excellence, and our high professional standards are recognised internationally. Many of our qualifications and routes to membership focus on internationally relevant topics, enabling members to practice in numerous locations around the world.

Having worked in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and South America, I have found the STEP course to be invaluable by being a truly globally recognised course.

Peter E Leppard BA (Hons), ACIB, TEP

Local network and support

With branches and chapters in all the major trust and estate locations around the world, STEP provides a local support network for members moving to a new jurisdiction.

As soon as you have decided on your move, contact us to let us know and we will change your branch affiliation to the one nearest to your new location. When you arrive, make sure you get in touch with your local branch to find out when they are next meeting – this is the perfect opportunity to meet local practitioners and establish connections and friendships in your new location.

I moved to Singapore from Panama in 2008. At that time I was involved in Panama's branch committee and contacted STEP to transfer my membership to Singapore. The process was very simple. As I started attending the branch's events I was asked if I wanted to serve in the committee. I didn't need to be asked twice. At a personal level, you get to meet the practitioners that make up your branch, however diverse their professional background may be. This is especially interesting if, like me, you happen to be relocating. On the business development side, it exposes you to the industry's most current trends and issues and thus, the possibility of being a part of the solution, whether it be creating or executing it.

Alexis Medina TEP

Useful resources

  • Search for international opportunities via our STEP Jobs Board 
  • Before you move, find out more about where we are to locate your new local STEP branch or chapter.
  • Use the online or hard copy Member Directory to search for practitioners in your new locality.
  • Read our Jurisdiction Reports to find legal, tax, regulatory and practice information for your new location.