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July 2018

Title Author Date
Unfulfilled opportunities, uncertain futures James Maloney 11/07/2018

June 2018

Title Author Date
Not your father’s philanthropy Gina M Pereira 07/06/2018

May 2018

Title Author Date
The age of reason Pierre-Jean Estagerie and Emmanuel Rouil 03/05/2018
Crypto-philanthropy Alana Petraske 01/05/2018
Put the ‘success’ back into succession Margaret O’Sullivan 01/05/2018

October 2017

Title Author Date
What’s the worst that could happen? Julie Hutchison TEP 01/10/2017
In good company Gina M Pereira TEP 01/10/2017

April 2018

Title Author Date
Pathways to enlightenment Dr Irina M Francken, Dr Martina Mettgenberg-Lemiere and Nguyen Le Phuong Anh 01/04/2018

March 2018

Title Author Date
Good money Gina M Pereira and Julie Wynne 01/03/2018

February 2018

Title Author Date
A maze with little guidance Jacopo Crivellaro and David Gershel 01/02/2018


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