CPD Resources

STEP provides access to a range of high-quality resources to support you in your professional and career development.

In addition to core technical skills, STEP has arranged access to the following business and interpersonal learning resources, identified by industry leaders as vital to achieve 'trusted advisor' status. These resources are free to members, but you will need to log in for access.

Workplace skills: Alchemy Performance Assistant

Alchemy Performance Assistant is a practical support resource, designed to help managers and their teams deal with unexpected situations that can’t wait for a formal training course. Experts on anything from conducting appraisals, to coming up with a business strategy have been commissioned to write summaries that help managers find possible solutions quickly. Even experienced managers find new situations challenging and several international businesses use Alchemy to give immediate support.

Alchemy is available to Full Member and Associate Members only. Member login required.

Ethics: Professional Standards Awareness

Members can access free professional standards awareness case studies. The case studies don't require any technical knowledge and are not developed to be jurisdiction specific. The objective is to develop awareness of the STEP Code of Professional Conduct and to apply that Code to an example ethical dilemma. Member login is required.

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Knowledge: STEP CPD Learning courses

STEP CPD Learning is a knowledge suite designed to provide industry professionals with access to quick, on demand and online learning.

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