Student FAQs

Answers to common queries about Certificate and Diploma Courses and the Essay Route. For specific courses, see the further information section below.

For students in Canada and Ireland, please click the relevant link below for information on your course:

How do I apply?

You should send your enrolment form to the address stated on the form. You will be registered with the relevant course provider, then STEP, automatically.

CLT International is the exclusive provider of STEP Certificates, Advanced Certificates and Diplomas. For some countries, a local training partner is used and their contact details are given in student handbooks and online course materials.

Examination results

Please allow six to eight weeks for exam and assignment results. If you don’t hear from the training provider in that time, please refer to your student handbook or online course materials for their contact details.

Course and examination dates

Course dates and examination dates for STEP Certificates and Diplomas run by CLTI can be found on the CLTI website. Please select your course and location to find the correct dates.

Students in Canada and Ireland should contact their regional providers.


Where exemptions are possible, an exemption application form can be found on the CLTI website. Please contact the CLTI office for more details on exemptions.

Student support

There are online student resources for the majority of courses. Please see your course handbook for details on how to access your specific course materials.

Essay Route applicants

For information on the Essay Route (formerly Qualified Practitioner) and everything applicants need to know, please visit the Essay Route to STEP Membership page.

How long do I have to complete the Diploma or Essay Route to reach Full STEP membership?

You will need to complete the Essay Route within three years. You should aim to complete a Diploma within five years, otherwise you may need to resit one or more exams to bring yourself up to date.

Upgrading your membership

Graduates are invited to upgrade when they become eligible. You can find more information on upgrading and membership types here.

Further information

For enquiries on course enrolment please contact CLTI at [email protected] or +44(0)121 362 7733. For any other queries regarding professional development please email STEP at [email protected].