Entry requirements for STEP Qualifications

In April 2015 STEP introduced the STEP Qualifications and Membership Framework (QMF).

The Qualifications and Membership Framework (QMF) is based on credits gained from study, prior work experience and prior qualifications. These can be achieved at Entry level, Diploma Level and Practice Level (see Guidance Notes (PDF 300KB).

Entry Level

Applicants will need 60 credits at Entry Level to progress through to Diploma Level. Once a student has gained 60 credits at Entry Level they can apply for STEP Affiliate membership. Entry level credits will be gained through the standard course application process with CLTI.

Alternatively up to 30 Entry Level credits (maximum) can be gained through direct application for affiliate membership to STEP, based on APEL or APCL, below:

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

APEL refers to learning gained through work.

At Entry Level, APEL involves showing that you have completed a minimum of one year working in a trusts and/or estates related role, most likely under supervision. The requirement is to describe briefly the key areas of your work experience undertaken in a junior role. Entry Level experience, because it is at a junior level, is therefore distinguished from Practice Level experience which needs to include either client-facing work and/or work undertaken without direct supervision at a more senior level.

Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL)

APCL refers to professional or academic qualifications.

APCL requires proof of qualification in an area relating to STEP, for example accounting, finance, law, trusts, estates or a wealth administration or advisory related field. This would need to be equivalent in level to a STEP Certificate, as a minimum, and to serve as an appropriate introduction to the STEP Diploma Level.

STEP Certificates normally contribute 30 credits each towards your 60 credit Entry Level requirement.

Holders of a STEP Advanced Certificate prior to April 2015 will automatically be assigned the 60 Entry Level credits.