STEP Certificate in International Trust Management

This Certificate provides a solid grounding in international trust practice from a global and local perspective and is suitable for delegates with little or no experience

All STEP courses are open for enrolment with delivery adjusted to ensure continuity of access to learning during the COVID 19 crisis. For courses not previously delivered online, teaching will be delivered through online classrooms and examinations via online assessment. For further information, please see advice on our primary education partner, CLT International’s, website

Delivered in association with Manchester Business School, a collaboration between STEP and CLT International (CLTI).

What does this qualification cover and how is it delivered?

What does this qualification cover?

This Entry Level Certificate is designed as an introduction to prepare delegates for the Diploma in International Trust Management. It is also often used by professionals that only interact with trusts and trustees indirectly and need to understand the basics.

How is it delivered?

The programme combines both self-study and local face-to-face tuition. At the end of the distance learning period, delegates attend four days of face-to-face tuition with a final examination on day five. The Certificate is assessed by way of a three-hour, closed-book examination. The examination comprises a mix of multiple choice questions and essay/scenario-based questions.

This course is also available as a Distance-Learning option – view our DL+ course information here

What are the benefits to me and my employer?

How will this course benefit me?

Successful completion of this course will:

  • increase your knowledge of international trust and company services, including the vehicles, legal structures, principles and practices underpinning them;
  • provide an overview of the legislation, principles and practice in your local jurisdiction;
  • enhance your career with a qualification that is recognised by those working in the trust industry;
  • provide a route to STEP membership and the STEP Diploma courses

How will this course benefit my employer?

This course is designed to:

  • add value to your business and professional service;
  • enhance your ability to give holistic advice to clients as a “trusted advisor”;
  • distinguish you and your firm from the competition. 

Who would find this qualification useful and what are the entry requirements?

Who would it be useful for?

The range of practitioners currently taking this course includes members of the accountancy, banking, legal and trust professions (at all levels); charity specialists; a wide range of support staff and paralegals; tax advisors; independent financial advisors and executorship administrators.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal educational entry requirements for the Certificate. However, applicants should be aware that all programmes and materials are in English.

Further course details

How long will it take to complete?

The Certificate course will take from four to six months to complete.

How much will it cost?

The fee for the Certificate is GBP1,575 (plus UK VAT if applicable) and if you choose to progress on to the Diploma afterwards, each Diploma paper is GBP1,625 (plus UK VAT if applicable).

What are the course dates, and where is it available?

You can view exam and workshop dates and locations on the CLTI website.

If we do not run the course in your jurisdiction, you could complete the course using our distance-learning option - view our DL+ course information here

How do I apply?

Help and advice

If you have any queries and would like to speak to someone you can call CLTI on +44 (0)121 362 7733 or email

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