STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

The International Trust Management Diploma is the global industry standard covering the essentials of international trust principles and practice.

Delivered in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, this qualification is a collaboration between STEP, the International Trust Companies Association (ITCA) and CLT International (CLTI).

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What does this qualification cover and how is it delivered?

What does this qualification cover?

The Diploma comprises four Advanced Certificates:

You can see a more detailed syllabus here (PDF 300KB).

How is it delivered?

Each Advanced Certificate is delivered through a combination of independent study, online resources and four days of face-to-face tuition. Students should allow a minimum of four months to complete each exam on a part-time basis.

The four tuition days are held at the end of the course, followed by a three-hour examination on the fifth day. The examination comprises a mix of multiple choice questions and essay/scenario-based questions.

In countries where workshops aren’t currently available, STEP and CLTI offer an online version of the STEP Diploma of International Trust Management.

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What are the benefits to me and my employer?

What are the benefits to me?

On successful completion of the Diploma, you will be able to: 

  • advise on the classification, types and uses of trusts, the factors affecting their validity and the circumstances under which they can and cannot be altered;
  • explain the roles, responsibilities, limitations and liabilities of trustees, protectors and enforcers under local and international law;
  • understand money, bond and equity markets, financial appraisal and ratio analysis and options, derivatives and futures markets;
  • explain the duties and responsibilities of trustees in relation to investment matters under local and international legislation;
  • advise on the use of trusts in modern tax planning;
  • advise on the issues surrounding modern reserved powers legislation;
  • identify and advise on the factors affecting a client’s residence and domicile and outline the impact of these on a client’s estate planning needs;
  • analyse the conflict of laws rules (doctrine of renvoi) applicable to multi-jurisdictional trusts and advise clients when these rules may apply;
  • explain the regulatory frameworks that have developed globally to counteract fraud and money laundering;
  • carry out the ‘know your client’ checks that are required for compliance with anti-money laundering regulations in your local jurisdiction;
  • construct and interpret a set of trust accounts;
  • understand the day-to-day affairs of an offshore company including the processes of incorporation and dissolution.

How will my employer benefit?

Successful completion of the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management:

  • adds value to your business and professional service;
  • enhances your ability to give holistic advice to clients as a ‘trusted advisor’;
  • distinguishes you and your firm from the competition;
  • provides a route to STEP membership and TEP status.

Entry advice and requirements

Who would find this qualification useful?

This Diploma would be useful for practitioners involved in international wealth management using trusts, companies and a variety of other methods, or people who would like to enter into this area of work.

What are the entry requirements?

Admission to the Diploma depends on meeting the Entry Level requirements, outlined in the Qualifications and Membership Framework.

Exemption is also possible from a maximum of two Diploma papers, depending upon prior qualifications.

Where is this course available?

Face-to-face learning

Networking with other students and speaking to tutors face-to-face is the ideal method of completing each Advanced Certificate that builds towards a full Diploma.

Find your nearest workshop.

Distance Learning Plus (DL+)

Designed exclusively for those based in small and newly established trust centres where the face-to-face course is not available, DL+ provides delegates with a fully supported online route through their studies.

DL+ info

Further course details

How long will it take to complete?

It is recommended that four-six hours of study per week should be undertaken over a four-six month period, prior to the examination.

How much will it cost?

Each Diploma paper is GBP1,625 (plus local taxes). 

This fee includes:

  • course manual;
  • self-assessment material (including online resources);
  • four days of face-to-face tuition;
  • examination entry;

What are the course dates?

You can view exam and workshop dates on the CLTI website.

If we do not run the course in your jurisdiction, you could complete the course using our distance-learning option - view our DL+ course information here

How do I apply?

Register online or download and return the enrolment form

Help and advice

If you have any queries and would like to speak to someone you can call CLTI on +44 (0)121 362 7733 or email

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