UK Survey: Mental Capacity and Care Issues

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The Mental Capacity Special Interest Group would like to hear from you, to understand how people are being educated, or have been educated in the past on mental capacity and care issues, both in an educational setting and /or through professional training, in the UK.

Are you someone who is either directly involved with mental capacity and care issue work, has received education/training in this area, or someone with connections to persons or establishments offering education and training in this area?

Please note: The survey is not intended to allow only those in education to complete it, but also those who have had prior education in this area. If you are someone who falls into the latter category, you should therefore select the ‘Practitioner’ option upon completing the survey.

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What is the research study?

The Mental Capacity Special Interest Group (SIG) would like feedback from those at different phases of their education and/or career to include those at school, college/university, LPC/BVC stage, or at practitioner level (to include paralegal/ILEX/trainee/pupil or junior solicitor/barrister).

Through a survey, the SIG aims to understand how and where people in the early academic stages of their education or career are receiving education on mental capacity and care issues.

The aim is to ascertain what training is available and where any gaps occur, so that we might seek to assist in filling those gaps for those displaying a keen interest in the field of legal work surrounding capacity relating to inheritance and succession planning.

Why is this important?

(In)Capacity and care issues are issues of international interest and everyday concern. An ageing population worldwide, coupled with increased demand and awareness for vulnerable clients and their families, means that legislators, social care providers, investment advisors, medical practitioners and lawyers all face a wider breadth of client issues they need to handle professionally. But whilst the need for knowledge in the field has spiked, there remains the question as to whether adequate education exists to aid these people in their increased lines of enquiry and interaction with the issues.

What do we aim to achieve?

From feedback submitted via the brief survey, the hope is to ascertain what training is available and where any gaps occur. If there is found to be sufficient interest in the legal issues surrounding capacity and personal welfare, the results of the survey can be used to demonstrate the need for further training courses in this field. STEP's hope is to advocate for and deliver such training as is needed.

Are you willing to provide us with your feedback?

The Mental Capacity SIG Committee would be grateful if you could take the time to provide us with a brief capture of your knowledge and experiences of training currently provided, and the need for further training opportunities.
Please submit your feedback via the link below.

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