Region and Branch Governance

All STEP members belong to a Branch or Chapter that provides professional development and networking at a local level

We have over 100 Branches and Chapters across the world.

New Chapters can be founded only with the approval of the worldwide Board. A Chapter may upgrade to a Branch when membership numbers reach 50 and activities for its members are established.

Branches and Chapters have their own committees and are responsible for their own funds subject to the oversight of the Board. Regulations set out the high-level requirements for branches and chapters to educate, be economically self-sufficient and regulate their affairs to the prescribed standards to ensure democracy, good governance, financial responsibility and transparency.

Branch and Chapter committee members can find useful information and support in the Branch Portal


Regions are groups of Branches and Chapters that come together for different purposes. Some regions have regional committees or boards of directors, others have neither. Some have regional offices/administrative support. Those with a regional committee or board of directors are:

Find out more about regions where STEP has a presence by visiting the Where we are page

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