Digital Assets: A Call to Action

Download Digital Assets: A Call to Action, a report by STEP and the Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London, sponsored by IQ-EQ.


From social media and email accounts to cryptocurrency and photographs, digital assets are now an important part of people's lives. But what happens to these assets when someone dies or is incapacitated? 

STEP and the Microsoft-funded Cloud Legal Project at Queen Mary University of London have collaborated on a joint research project into estate practitioner views on, and experiences with, digital assets. The aim is to understand the extent to which practitioners deal with digital assets; the risks and challenges posed by digital assets to estate planning and administration; and the measures practitioners are taking to assist clients with digital assets.

A survey sent to STEP members globally elicited more than 500 responses from a range of practitioners across the estate and wealth planning sectors. The results provide valuable insights into the experiences of practitioners and their clients. 

This Report is Sponsored by IQ-EQ
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