Responsible Stewardship of Wealth

Download Family Dialogues on the Responsible Stewardship of Wealth: A Guide to assist in discussions with families about responsible stewardship and the many positive things a focus on this area can achieve. 

Front Cover Family Dialogues Guide

Responsible stewardship is interwoven throughout the fabric of society. It informs the way we plan for our immediate and long-term needs, the needs of our current family members and future generations.

This Guide, sponsored by IQ-EQ, seeks to engender a discussion on responsible stewardship and what it means for wealth holders. It does not attempt to provide answers, but rather to provoke thought and raise awareness of the opportunities available to wealth owners to be guided by stewardship principles and values. It aims to be a resource to facilitate a discussion within families embarking on or furthering this journey directly or with the support of trusted advisors, whose role is to raise the right questions and help families get the answers.

Readers may use this Guide to facilitate a broad discussion around family governance and planning during a family retreat or roundtable. We hope that it will provoke discussion and enhance the understanding and fostering of stewardship for wealth holders globally.

This Guide is Sponsored by IQ-EQ
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