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About STEP Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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About STEP Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our special interest groups provide opportunities for practitioners and related professionals to connect and advance their focused area of practice. Specialisms focus around some of the more complex issues families face in planning for their future surrounding international families, protection of the vulnerable, family businesses and philanthropic giving, for example. The groups aim to benefit the practitioner, their area of specialisation, the clients they serve, and the industry at large. The groups are accessible by both Member and non-member individuals.

STEP SIGs aim to:

  • encourage advances in specialist areas of practice;
  • enable global networks;
  • support individual career development;
  • champion the profession;
  • increase business opportunities.

SIGs present the opportunity to discuss matters with other practitioners and the ability to exchange information and ideas

Ian Bond TEP, Partner, Higgs & Sons

The networking opportunities with other practitioners at the SIG events are impactful for my work and business

Sharon Kenchington TEP, Solicitor, Boodle Hatfield LLP

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