Charities and Philanthropy Advisors Satellite Groups

Charities UK Satellite SIG

Reporting to, and operating as a sub-committee of STEP London Central Branch, this satellite SIG was established in May 2000 as a means of facilitating the discussion of legal and accountancy issues relevant to the charity sector.

With a membership of approimately 100 people from a range of disciplines, drawn largely from STEP London Central and London City Branches, the Group organises talks exploring relevant and topical issues.

Contact: Satellite SIG Coordinating Officer - Fiona Wilson TEP
Secretary - Elisabeth Tooms
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Philanthropy Advisors Hong Kong Satellite SIG

Reporting to, and operating as a sub-committee of STEP Hong Kong Branch, this satellite SIG was formed in early 2011 to raise the profile of philanthropy in Hong Kong. It works to encourage best practice, make this area of work more professional, provide networking opportunities, and bring to the attention of STEP members opportunities to volunteer professional services to charities in Hong Kong.

The committee meets monthly and membership is open to both members and non-STEP members who are involved in some aspect of charities and philanthropy work.

Contact: Coordinating Officer - Michelle Chow TEP and Branch Committee Member - Henry Lam TEP 

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