Join a SIG

How do I subscribe to a STEP SIG?

Joining a STEP SIG is easy. To join a STEP SIG, simply log in or register and click on 'Edit your SIGs' where you can select the SIG/s you want to join. Membership of the Special Interest Groups is open to STEP Members and non-members alike and is currently free*.
Please note: Joining a SIG is by individual only, not company. There are no designatory letters when you join a STEP SIG.

*Currently there is no joining fee for these groups, with the exception of Charities – UK. The special interest groups are free to levy a separate joining fee to cover their costs if necessary. Should this be necessary, all group members will be notified in advance.

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To check whether you or somebody else is a member of one of our SIGs, check our online SIG Member search facility, remembering to filter by the relevant group. (Please note: Some SIG members may have opted out of appearing on this facility).