Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

What the Special Interest Groups aim to do and why you should join:

STEP SIGs aim to encourage advances in specialist areas of practice; enable global networks; support individual career development; champion the profession and increase business opportunities. Specialisms focus around some of the more complex issues families face in planning for their future.
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How do I join?

Membership of the SIGs is open to STEP Members and non-members alike.

Business Families

Established in 2007, the group focuses on what makes business families distinct, their particular challenges and how to best address them.

Contentious Trusts and Estates

The group focuses on international trust and estate jurisprudence while promoting best practice in avoiding, or dealing with, contentious trust and estate disputes and trustee litigation.

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Cross-Border Estates

The Cross-Border Estates Global Special Interest Group addresses the domain of estate planning and the administration of estates/successions across international borders, with a focus on reconciling divergent inheritance rules between civil code jurisdictions, common law jurisdictions, and other codes of law.

Digital Assets

Established in recognition of the emerging issues related to how practitioners effectively assist clients and their fiduciaries in planning for and administering the digital assets of individuals after the individual dies or loses capacity.

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International Client

The International Client Global SIG focuses on the needs practitioners worldwide serving, or aspiring to serve, international clients with complex planning needs; focusing on lifelong professional business development and career support.

Mental Capacity

Established in 2010, the group focuses on the increasing importance and relevance of issues concerning capacity in all aspects of legal work relating to inheritance and succession planning. The group aims to ensure that all members are kept up to date with developments and, indeed, are part of the debate and shaping the future where possible.

Philanthropy Advisors

The group focuses on enhancing the strategic nature of giving and social investing to raise the status of private client philanthropy advisory and help encourage further professionalism.

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SIG-related events

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