SIG Spotlight Week Webinar: Financial abuse re-visited and deprivation of liberty issues post-COVID-19. 4 December 2020

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SIG Spotlight Session:

2 / 21

One of the 21 one-hour webinar sessions you can register for across SIG Spotlight Week 2020. Book as many sessions as you like with increasing discounts according to the number of sessions you wish to book. SIG members, STEP members and non-members all welcome!


  • 06:00 Toronto, New York
  • 08:00 São Paulo
  • 11:00 GMT/UTC - London
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  • 16:30 New Delhi
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Event Focus

What should practitioners do when faced with this issue? How far should you delve?

This session will explore real-life case examples and evidence of Deprivations of Liberty and the harm and fallout from that. Speakers will highlight the “warning bells” and signs to look out for as best-practice; especially pertinent now as the financial strains and hardship sustained by relatives and others as a result of COVID-19 emerge, coupled with global economic downturn.

Attendees will be equipped with:

  • best-practice guidelines and signposting to appropriate jurisdictional agencies in order to safeguard clients and to protect oneself from liability;
  • reference and awareness-raising of the latest products to the insurance market which seek to cover Attorneys under a specialist insurance bond;
  • an awareness of enhanced risks in this area post-COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant significant worldwide financial downturn in most jurisdictions;
  • cognisance to the necessary and urgent revisions and heightened awareness of the refinements that need to be made to ensure continued best-practice in these areas in the best interests of both clients and professional practice.


  • Moderator: Mark Dunkley TEP, Consultant, Shakespeare Martineau LLP United Kingdom
  • Daniel Bradbury, Senior Lawyer-Legal and Information Directorate, Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) United Kingdom
  • Paul Greenwood, UK Solicitor and Deputy District Attorney San Diego (retired) USA
  • Adrian Ward MBE, Scottish and International Expert-Adult Incapacity, Consultant Solicitor, Author, and Convenor- Mental Health and Disability Sub-Committee, Law Society of Scotland United Kingdom


A live webinar accessible by web (both for audio and visuals) from your computer, tablet or smartphone. In a designated session towards the end, attendees will have the opportunity to ask live questions of the speakers.

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To join the webinar at the designated time, prior registration is required.

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