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Sponsored STEP Roundtables

STEP Journal roundtables are sponsored content offering an effective way to position an organisation as an industry thought leader. The event, hosted at a venue of the sponsor’s choice, affords an opportunity to debate a hot topic with invited industry experts. Roundtables offer an intimate networking opportunities with existing key clients, hand-picked key industry experts and new business prospects. For further information about sponsoring a roundtable, please contact Mel Michael at Think Publishing on +44 (0)20 3771 7204 or at

RBC Roundtable - October 2019RBC - October 2019

Sponsored by RBC

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For global families, managing wealth across one or more jurisdictions engenders numerous complexities. A recent STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by RBC Wealth Management, examined the challenges of trust and estate planning for internationally mobile families.

Highvern Roundtable - June 2019Highvern - June 2019

Sponsored by Highvern

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In an ever-changing and demanding environment, family office advisors play an important role in supporting their clients' global enterprises. This STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by Highvern, explored how advisors can provide first-rate guidance from inception to succession.

Roundtable - St. James’s Place Private Clients - May 2019St. James’s Place Private Clients - May 2019

Sponsored by St. James’s Place Private Clients

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This STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by St. James’s Place Private Clients, discussed the importance of cross-disciplinary financial advice at a time when lawyers and accountants are taking on increasingly complex wealth management for clients.

Roundtable - SANNE - April 2019SANNE - April 2019

Sponsored by SANNE

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Over the next decade, a huge amount of wealth is due to transfer between generations of families. A recent STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by SANNE, asked what this means for the next generation and their advisors..

Shroders Wealth Management US - Dec/Jan 2019Schroders Wealth Management US - Dec-18/Jan-2019

Sponsored by Schroders Wealth Management US

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Both the US and the UK have seen major political change and reform in recent years. The STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by Schroders Wealth Management US, asked what this upheaval means for globally mobile private clients.

Roundtable - SANNE - November 2018SANNE - November 2018

Sponsored by SANNE

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As family trends change, so too do family offices. This STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by SANNE, examined the current trends and the impact of increasing global transparency on family offices.

Roundtable - RBC - October 2018RBC - October 2018

Sponsored by RBC

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How can the private wealth management industry best support female employees and serve female clients? Sponsored by RBC, this STEP Journal roundtable examined the topical question of gender equality.

Roundtable - First Names Group - February 2018First Names Group - February 2018

Sponsored by First Names Group

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This STEP Journal roundtable, sponsored by First Names Group and held in Singapore, looked at the current trends for high-net-worth entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families in Asia.

BDO Roundtable Dec 2017 - Jan 2018BDO - Dec 17/Jan 18

Sponsored by BDO

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Global reporting requirements and the challenges of supporting multi-jurisdictional clients were the topics of debate at this STEP Journal roundtable, held in New York and sponsored by BDO.