Solid foundations: an EPP perspective

Solid foundations: an EPP perspective

Joining a new business can be daunting. Where will I sit? Who will look after me? How will I know what to do? How will it compare to the business I am leaving?

The trust industry is highly complex and the competition for talent is tough. It is imperative that businesses are committed to making the recruitment process as seamless and positive as possible, from initial interview through to onboarding new starters.

It is not just about recruiting the right people; it is also about giving them the best start. To do this, it is extremely beneficial for a new starter if human resources (HR) engages with them on a regular basis prior to their arrival, encouraging them to complete various tasks ahead of their start date. Ahead of their first day, the HR team should be working with their line manager to ensure the infrastructure and a robust training plan are in place. This can include appointing a ‘buddy’, who will be their go-to person to help show them the ropes. This often proves highly successful, as it provides support to the individual when they need it most.

The buddy’s role can be to ensure the starter is in the right place at the right time for any face‑to-face or digital training required. The buddy can also share their knowledge and experience to assist the new employee in their role. To meet regulatory requirements and go above and beyond as an employer, it is important that a suite of courses covering mandatory requirements is available for new starters to complete upon joining the business. The training should be spaced out over the first few days to encourage interaction with colleagues and familiarisation with the business. There is a lot to learn when working in the fiduciary industry; to support upskilling, it is helpful for a company to have a technical training checklist in place that is tailored to each role. Technical training checklists ensure key tasks, processes and policies are covered. The training should be delivered by qualified, highly experienced staff to ensure the right people are delivering training and sharing their expert knowledge at the outset.

Joining any business is daunting, yet it is important to encourage the new starter to build a career, develop specialist knowledge and take responsibility to grow. That is why it is worth spending time with new starters early on in their employment to educate them on what learning opportunities are available and encourage them to set clear and concise goals.

All new starters have a great opportunity to make a difference and build their career within the business – it is all about giving them the best start.


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