Digital revolution

Thursday, 30 November 2023
Foreword: In these turbulent times, where change is the only constant in life, we see ourselves amid a digital revolution that is reshaping our world.

This revolution is transforming every aspect of our lives – how we communicate, work, learn, do business with each other and entertain ourselves. However, new opportunities are also associated with new risks. How can we ensure that our data, privacy and the fundamental rights our ancestors fought for are protected in the digital age? How can we keep, preserve and pass on to our heirs the digital assets we acquire?

The legal challenges posed by the digital revolution are both complex and multifaceted. In this issue of the STEP Journal, we focus on the intersection of technology and digital assets. Given the fact that every estate will eventually include digital assets, it is of paramount importance that we gain an understanding of the new legal challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technologies.

This issue features insights from experts, practitioners and innovators who are addressing the future of law in the digital era. We look at the legal world’s reaction to new technologies such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, artificial intelligence and the metaverse, exploring thought-provoking ideas to tackle the new challenges such advances raise.

The regional focus of this issue is on Europe and brings you up-to-date information on legal matters that affect individuals and businesses in major European jurisdictions. The articles cover a wide range of topics of practical relevance such as living and working in European countries. Using the example of Spain, articles in this issue demonstrate the importance of careful planning when relocating. Not only must tax implications be addressed but also civil-law considerations if the relocation also results in the unwanted application of the complex reserved inheritance rights applicable in the country.

Enjoy reading these thoughtful articles, written (I hope) by human authors and stay tuned for the digital revolution.

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Gian Andri Töndury TEP

Gian Andri Töndury is a Partner at Steinbrüchel Hüssy Attorneys at law, Zurich, Switzerland and a member of the STEP Journal Editorial Board

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