STEP Member Satisfaction Survey 2019

Thank you to our members for taking the time to complete the 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey. Satisfaction rates for members have remained high. Here’s an overview of the headline statistics:

Satisfaction Levels

  • Only 1% of members rated the value of their membership negatively, the same as in 2017. 46% rated it “excellent”, which is higher than the 39% who rated it excellent in 2017.

Recommending STEP

  • 0% said that it was “not at all likely” that they would recommend STEP to a colleague. This compares to 3% who said they wouldn’t recommend STEP in 2017, so a very positive result.

The importance of STEP Membership

  • Only 1% felt it is not important to be a STEP member with the vast majority stating it is very important or important.
  • 97% agree that STEP membership demonstrates their commitment to high professional standards.
  • 94% of members believe that membership of STEP is considered to be important within the industry. This is 1% higher than last time we carried out this survey.

STEP’s Focus

  • The vast majority of members believe the main focus of STEP’s work should be on education/CPD.