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STEP TQR June 2018

On behalf of the Editors, welcome to the June 2018 edition of the Trust Quarterly Review. This issue embarks on a journey to find the first professional trustee body, compares and contrasts the Cayman Islands STAR trust with its foundation company, and provides an introduction to the burgeoning realm of cryptocurrency. Canadian jurisprudence regarding the capacity to reconcile, and tips on avoiding the pitfalls when drafting wills for international clients are other worthy additions. We end with a review of Defences in Equity, a collection of essays from notable experts, particularly directed towards handling problems in trust disputes.

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June - 2018

On behalf of the Editors, welcome to the June 2018 edition of the Trust Quarterly Review. This edition is a remarkable demonstration of the sheer diversity of topics that are relevant to this publication’s readership. Read more

New financial disruptors are steadily replacing the old guard, and are looking to extend and adapt blockchain technology, at the cost of disintermediation and decentralisation, asserts Leigh Sagar TEP. Read more

Keith Wallace provides an exhaustive analysis of the non-religious, non-military activities of the Knights Templar and how those activities qualify members of the Order as the earliest trustees. Read more

Robert Mack TEP assesses the usefulness of the newly introduced foundation company in business succession planning, philanthropy and charity, and commerce in the Cayman Islands, versus the more established STAR trust. Read more

Kimberly A Whaley TEP argues that the recent decision in Canadian case Chuvalo v Chuvalo highlights a changing understanding of the capacity to make marriage-related decisions. Read more

Although centred on BVI law, the examination by Christopher McKenzie TEP on the importance of giving appropriate consideration to private international law issues when preparing wills provides invaluable tips for any practitioner. Read more

Paula Myers TEP reviews Defences in Equity, a collection of essays detailing thoughts and comment on defences to liabilities arising in equity. Read more

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