Upgrading your STEP Membership

As you gain more credits from STEP qualifications and more experience in the industry, you will be able to progress to the next level of STEP membership.

Full STEP membership offers the greatest level of benefits, including the ability to use the ‘TEP’ designation. TEPs are internationally recognised as experts in their field, with proven qualifications and experience.

When and how to upgrade

Affiliate upgrading to Associate

An Affiliate can upgrade to Associate membership when they have 120 credits or have completed one essay for the Essay Route

Applicants upgrade by completing the Affiliate to Associate Upgrade Form (PDF 135KB)

Upgrading to Full (TEP) membership via Exam Route

Applicants must have 240 credits to upgrade to Full (TEP) membership via the STEP Exam Route to membership.

Applicants upgrade by completing the Upgrade to Full Membership Form (PDF 191KB)

If you have completed a Diploma but do not yet have the required credits gained through experience, you are eligible to hold Associate membership.

Upgrading to Full (TEP) membership via Essay Route

Applicants who have successfully completed three essays for the Essay Route are eligible to upgrade to Full (TEP) membership.

Applicants upgrade by completing the Upgrade to Full Membership Form (PDF 191KB)

The process

Each upgrade application to Full membership is reviewed by the Membership Committee which meets monthly. Successful applicants receive an e-mail confirming their successful admittance to Full membership.


If the annual subscription fee has been paid for the current membership year, the difference between membership categories will be due. Those upgrading to TEP will also need to pay a one-time TEP Registration Fee.

When can I use the designation TEP?

Once a Full Member has received their confirmation email from STEP, they may use the designation TEP.

Find out more about STEP Membership Categories or for any queries, email [email protected]