Special Interest Spotlight Session 2022: Trusts and access to justice. 9 December 2022

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This session, which is in three parts, diversity of how justice is accessed, the diversity of modern families and concludes with a case law up-date following the same theme of change and inclusion. 

The first part focussed on access to justice and how this may be compromised by diminution of capacity, financial elder abuse and difficulties in beneficiaries’ obtaining access to information, along with the lack of a coherent response to allow for the recognition and pursuit of rights. Following this we considered and explored the modern family in the context of trusts and estates, focussing on the way in which family dynamics are changing and driving contentious issues and how the Courts and the legislature are dealing with it. The concluding case law up-date features cases from around the world that demonstrate the jurisprudence of incremental change in response to a changing trust paradigm.