The battle of good intentions: Charities versus CRS


The battle of good intentions: charities versus CRS


Transparency regimes are sweeping the wealth management sector in a tidal wave of regulation. Anti-tax evasion regimes mandating automatic exchange of information are elevating cross-border disclosure to a new level. Historically, charities have been spared from these reporting regimes, and international financial centres offered an attractive alternative for charitable vehicles. With the introduction of the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS) automatic exchange of information, however, trustee administration responsibilities may increase and the value proposition of international financial centres as a home for charities may be compromised.

Join Gina M. Pereira TEP and Peter Cotorceanu TEP for this free webinar to explore the applicability of CRS to charities, the potential impact on the charitable sector and planning opportunities.


  • Gina Pereira TEP, Dāna Philanthropy CEO & Founder and Barrister & Solicitor
  • Peter Cotorceanu TEP, G&TCA CEO & Founder and Anaford Attorneys at Law (Of Counsel)