Future Planning for Our Clients

Chair: Michael Olesnicky TEP, Baker McKenzie, Hong Kong

17.00: The next decade – what’s coming up?
Any successful wealth planner must be aware of trends that will impact on their businesses and the affairs of their clients in the near future. In this crystal ball gazing session, the speaker will explore what further regulatory developments the wealth management industry can expect over the next decade and how it can prepare. Topics covered will include the expansion of CRS reporting, emergence of cross-border enforcement of foreign tax claims, OECD’s Pillar Two initiative to impose a minimum rate of tax worldwide and more. 


  • John Riches TEP, RMW Law LLP, UK 

17.45: Kidnapping and security
Often not talked about, the speaker will share his wisdom and experience in how to safeguard against the risk of kidnapping, and what steps are most effective if a kidnapping occurs. A related issue that will also be discussed is the extent to which a trustee can be called upon to pay ransoms. The risk of kidnapping is all too real for high-net-worth families, making this a session not to be missed.


  • Steve Vickers, Steve Vickers And Associates Ltd, Hong Kong 

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