STEP Cyprus webinar: DAC6 Implementation in Cyprus a practical approach


The Seminar is addressed to Intermediaries registered with professional associations in Cyprus, including but not limited to Advocates and their respective firms, Administrative Service Providers including Trustees, Auditors and Accountants and their respective firms who fall within the ambit of the definition of Intermediary and are obliged to submit reportable cross-border arrangements with the Cyprus Tax Department. This Seminar shall focus on the practical steps which such Intermediaries in Cyprus may undertake to ensure that a solid understanding of the provisions of the national legislation and guidelines is applied to the transactions and arrangements undertaken by such Intermediaries in their professional capacity and according to their expertise and understanding of the provisions of the applicable legislation and guidelines in Cyprus.


  • Evi Papacleovoulou, Advocate At Law, Law Chambers Nicos Papacleovoulou
  • Nicky Xenofontos, Managing Director, N. Xenofontos LLC 


  • Maria Gregoriou, Managing Director, One Tax Chambers