STEP Thought Leadership: Modern families and gender identity: Gender identity in estate planning


Gender identity has become a particularly complex subject with differing views and legislative stand points across society and multiple jurisdictions. The webinar will examine the cultural, generational and legal divides on the gender topic that are causing issues for the private client industry in practice.

The webinar will focus on existing gender legislation across multiple jurisdictions. The panel will discuss the ambiguities and uncertainties that can arise in relation to estate planning and gender identity and will provide some practical guidance on how to deal with this complex area.


  • Elizabeth Doherty, Partner, Macfarlanes LLP
  • James Lister, Head of Private Wealth Disputes, Stevens & Bolton LLP
  • John Shoemaker TEP, Butler Snow Singapore LLP
  • Alberto Perez Cedillo TEP, Spanish Lawyers & Solicitors Limited, Madrid”

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