Testamentary capacity: the issues

With very little guidance or industry training currently available on how to assess testamentary capacity, STEP invites you to this free one-hour session which will cover:

  • Capacity – and the issues that affect it.
  • Law – the legal tests of testamentary capacity (for example considering the Banks Goodfellow test in contrast to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 – and how these tests are treated by courts).
  • Practice – dealing with medics, matters to include in file notes, the importance of family trees and assessing clients.


  • Claire van Overdijk TEP, Chair, STEP Mental Capacity Special Interest Group


  • Robin Jacoby, Oxford University
  • Stephen Lawson TEP, FDR Law
  • Alexander Learmonth QC TEP, New Square Chambers
  • Dr Jane Lonie, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist