Traps for trustees


Charles Gothard and Elizabeth Doherty, partners at Macfarlanes LLP, will draw on their considerable experience in contentious UK and international trust and probate work to highlight some of the major traps that the unwary trustee can fall into when dealing with complex trust and estate planning issues. This wide-ranging talk will focus on some practical steps that can be taken during tax and estate planning to avoid problems down the line and how to mitigate the risk of litigation when administering trust and tax structures for international and UK clients and families. James Painter will follow with a short talk on the expectations of the regulator when trustees are looking to delegate investment management of trust assets and provide short demonstration of some of the tools and research available to STEP members through MPI’s free STEP member service.


  • James Hoare, MPI Analytics, United Kingdom


  • Jonathan Arr, Macfarlanes LLP, United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth Doherty, Macfarlanes LLP, United Kingdom
  • Charles Gothard, Macfarlanes LLP, United Kingdom
  • James Painter, MP Analytics Ltd, United Kingdom