US trust situs opportunities for international families


The situs of a trust is an important consideration for many international families’ planning: jurisdictions with modern trust laws that provide flexibility and control with trust administration, asset protection, privacy (not secrecy), tax benefits as well as economic and political stability, are paramount. The US is one such jurisdiction and option for families.

In this webinar, experienced speakers Al W. King TEP, James Paladino TEP and Eric Dorsch TEP will present case studies to describe and illustrate the typical trust structures and planning concepts utilised, including structures such as US-situs foreign grantor and non-grantor trusts, pre-immigration trusts, non-resident alien dynasty trusts, pour-over dynasty trusts, change of foreign trust situs and private family trust companies.

Attendees will learn what the most popular trust structures are for US family members, real estate, securities and life insurance as well as foreign property, and why they choose them.


  • Al W. King III TEP, South Dakota Trust Company, US


  • Eric Dorsch TEP, Kozusko Harris Duncan, US
  • James Paladino TEP, South Dakota Planning Company, US