When the mental capacity of the business family’s patriarch/matriarch begins to deteriorate


Speakers will explore practical considerations and strategies that can be implemented by practitioners and advisors to manage the declining mental capacity of the patriarch/matriarch of the business family.

Why watch?

  • Sooner or later, professional advisors will find themselves in a situation where the family business leader begins to show signs of diminishing mental capacity. Family members may be hesitant to raise the issue and look to their professional advisors for help

  • In this presentation, Arden and Stephen will provide some practical tips on signs of diminishing capacity and also some practical strategies to implement a process for working through the challenge and maintaining the family business.


  • John Poyser TEP, Partner, Tradition Law LLP Estates and Trusts


  • Arden O’Connor, Founder and CEO, O’Connor Professional Group

  • Stephen Pallister TEP, Partner, Wiggin Osborne Fullerlove

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Alzheimer's Society