Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan 2020-25

STEP is at an inflection point for the organisation. The first 29 years have been characterised by rapid growth underpinned by real entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity. As we mature into our 30s, we must build upon all that is good while developing greater consistency, refining processes that will enable us to continue to grow at scale, and prioritising the greatest opportunities for growth. This will ensure that we continue to deliver consistently and effectively for members, wherever they are based.

These steps for growth and impact build on the themes in our previous strategy to ensure we are fit for the current environment, represent the diverse needs of our membership and continue to adapt and evolve to ensure our ongoing relevance.

Strategic themes

In setting our strategy, we have defined four strategic themes. These four strategic goals are underpinned by constant focus on ensuring we have a modern and effective governance structure that meets the needs of the organisation and reflects the communities we serve.

1. Professional development/education

STEP’s qualifications will become the global benchmark for the industry.

Education and the maintenance of high professional standards are at the very core of what STEP stands for. It is what our members expect from us, it is why they came to us and it is why they stay with us. We will ensure that our qualifications and continuing professional development continue to meet member and employer needs, are of high quality and are of a consistent standard globally.

2. Thought leadership, policy and profile

STEP will be a world-leading authority on chosen topics with our expertise recognised and sought by policymakers, regulators, the media and other key stakeholders. 

Through thought leadership we demonstrate capability and credibility. By defining those areas on which we are expert, we give confidence to our stakeholders and create demand for the profession and our members' expertise.

3. Markets and sectors

STEP will grow beyond its current trajectory of 25,000 members by 2025.

We will strengthen our position in the core markets in which we operate and enter new jurisdictions that represent the greatest opportunities for STEP to add value and grow, always ensuring members meet and are committed to our standards. In doing so, we will redefine the size and shape of STEP.

4. Diversification of income

STEP will diversify and grow its profitable revenue outside of subscriptions income.

We will increase the contribution of our products and services, reducing reliance on membership subscriptions, to ensure the long-term security and sustainability of the organisation.

STEP contributes to the public policy debate on trust and estate issues through active engagement with policymakers.
STEP has a clear organisational structure, from its Honorary Officers and governing bodies to regions, branches and chapters, committees and Special Interest Groups, and finally the staff.