STEP's CPD Policy

STEP’s new CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Policy explained.

CPD is a requirement of maintaining STEP membership for all membership types that are currently working (see STEP’s Code of Professional Conduct).

CPD planning and role benchmarking

In 2014 STEP introduced a revised CPD Policy and CPD Guidelines. The policy reflects STEP’s outcomes based approach to its members’ CPD. This focuses on whether professionals are maintaining and building their competence. Using role benchmarking, members are no longer required to spend a specific number of hours per year on CPD. Instead you can identify which CPD activities are most relevant to you and tailor your own CPD plan based on the specific requirements of your role.

For full details of the policy, please see the CPD Policy and CPD Guidelines (PDF -127KB), or watch the explanatory video below.

CPD Certificates

If you need a certificate, please contact the following:

  • For national and international conferences run by STEP Worldwide, please contact
  • For local branch and chapter events, please contact the relevant branch. You can find a list of branches here.

Previous CPD Policy

The transistion period for Members who joined before 2014 to adopt the new CPD Policy ended in April 2017. If you need to create a CPD record that predates April 2017, the old CPD policy declaration and record forms are available to download below:

If you have any further questions, please email